About Cycle 3 Sixty in Oklahoma City, OK

At Cycle 3 Sixty our mission is to promote complete health and wellness, using a 360 philosophy, combining physical activity, nutrition and mindfulness. 
Our equipment is state of the art and we are one of the first indoor cycling studios in Oklahoma City to offer real time data tracking to each of our clients about their performance on the bike.
Our bike technology provides the instructors the opportunity to teach consistently to RPMs, Resistance gear levels (1-24), and Watts.  Each bike, as well as our performance software, offers the option of heart rate monitoring.
Our fitness team holds multiple certifications, including those certifications that promote safety.  These certifications include basic life support, AED training, proper body mechanics and alignment. 
We also believe in giving back to our community and several times throughout the year we will be offering ways to promote and support local and national charities. 

Cycle 3 Sixty
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