Katie Kanak

The first time Katie stepped on a mat was in 2010. She had strong encouragement from a very good friend, who was also her first yoga teacher. Shortly after, in May of 2013, she completed her 200 hour RYT certification at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman, OK. She enrolled in search of personal growth and development, but instead, learned how to become aware of the growth and development that naturally takes place in life. Katie has been teaching full time since January, 2014. She teaches and studies a variety of styles and methods, but keeps Ashtanga as her personal practice and main area of study.

Katie says, "Yoga demands patience, which has influenced my understanding and approach to life on and off the mat. Every moment has the potential to create a learning experience, and every day offers new challenges. So, each day, I try to fall in love with my breath, watch it, and listen to it, because each breath gives way to the next moment."

Katie Kanak is currently not instructing any classes.