Karla Cason

Karla began her teaching career in college as a Rhythmic Aerobics instructor and has both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Nursing.  Karla has a great deal of experience in teaching everything from high-impact aerobics and weight training to indoor cycling.  She is certified through multiple organizations, including the American Council for Exercise.  Karla has a passion for cycling both indoors and outside.  She believes that exercise is medicine, and loves that indoor cycling allows participants from a variety of backgrounds and fitness levels to achieve their goals together while enjoying the ride! 

Karla Cason instructs the following:
  • 3 Sixty Drills
  • Challenge yourself as you push and pedal through various drills and games on the bike.  The instructor will lead you through power and speed drills using our bike software to push yourself to the next level, or even compete with your fellow riders!

  • 3 Sixty Signature Cycle
  • Our signature class combining 45 minutes of cycling with optional off the bike exercises using weights, bands and body resistance.  Rock out with our amazing instructors on the bike, with the option to downshift into the 45 minute yoga class to follow.  This class is sure to leave you feeling fully energized!