Monette Chain

Monette's journey with yoga began in 2011.  She knew from the moment she took her first class that yoga belonged in her life, and it subsequently became a way of life and a source of healing for several personal issues, including SI joint pain, fatigue and even depression.  Monette began teaching yoga to teenage athletes, and completed her 200 RYT with Spirit House Yoga in 2016.  She has had the privilege of attending workshops with exceptional instructors such as Betsy Downing, Desiree Rumbaugh, Ross Rayburn, and anatomy with Martin Kirk.  Monette is passionate about teaching, and helping students learn to apply what they learn on the mats to every part of their lives.  Monette has extensive training in adjustments and therapies helping students to work through physical limitations and injuries, and will teach students to build strength and focus by listening to their own bodies.

Monette Chain instructs the following:
  • 3 Sixty Power Yoga Flow
  • 90 minute heated yoga class focusing on aspects of strength and alignment, breath, and movement.  This class is approriate for all levels.

  • 3 Sixty Signature Yoga
  • This is the yoga portion only of our 3 Sixty Signature cycling and yoga fusion class.  Join your instructor for 45 minutes of power flow targeting the muscles worked on the bike.  This class can be taken as part of the cycling fusion class or on its own.