Terri Stadler

Terri Stadler began teaching fitness classes while in college at the University of Oklahoma.  There she met many competitive cyclist who encouraged her to try road racing, and she began to train off season with indoor cycling classes.  She fell in love with the energy of the music and group dynamics, and became certified to teach.  Terri has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and has done everything from managing a hospital wellness program to opening fitness centers regionally.  She also works with ACSM to provide certification programs in Oklahoma.
Terri has a passion for teaching and helping others discover the joy of health and wellness.  Her goal is for every client, whether in a personal training session or a group class is to help participants be their best and develop a love for an active lifestyle.
Terri is an avid runner and cyclist, and also teaches barre, pilates, boot camp, yoga sculpt and weight training in addition to indoor cycling. 

Terri Stadler is currently not instructing any classes.