Gina Scott

Gina’s journey started in 2008. She was at her heaviest weight at 273 pounds. With the help of a nutritionist, psychologist, and personal trainer, Gina set a goal to lose 100 lbs and get out of plus size clothing. After 15 months of inner personal growth and lots of hard work, Gina met both goals. Because she had never learned about proper nutrition, she learned through this transformation that health and fitness were more than just numbers on a scale. Gina is now an AFAA Certified Instructor and has developed the proper tools to maintain this lifestyle change on her own, and continues to pay this experience and knowledge forward to others.

Gina Scott instructs the following:
  • 3 Sixty Signature Cycle
  • Our signature class combining 45 minutes of cycling with optional off the bike exercises using weights, bands and body resistance.  Rock out with our amazing instructors on the bike, with the option to downshift into the 45 minute yoga class to follow.  This class is sure to leave you feeling fully energized!  

  • 3 Sixty Express Cycle
  • This is a shorter version of our signature class which is perfect for the busy bee enthusiast.  Spend 30 minutes pumping those legs on the bike for a fast furious blast sure to challenge that heart rate.  Cyclists have the option to stay for various formats of yoga, boot camp, and core classes to follow for a full fusion workout.

  • 3 Sixty Cycle Drills
  • Challenge yourself as you push and pedal through various drills and games on the bike.  The instructor will lead you through power and speed drills using our bike software to push yourself to the next level, or even compete with your fellow riders!