Hillary Kallenberger

Hillary Kallenberger, owner of Cycle 3 Sixty, has been teaching group fitness and dance classes for over 25 years. She began her career as a dancer in NYC and found a love for teaching even before.  She has a Bachelors of Arts, and a Masters in Human Relations from The University of Oklahoma.  She has worked as a personal and guidance counselor, specializing in addictions counseling, eating disorders, depression, and child therapy.  She is a certified group fitness, pilates, and yoga instructor (200 RYT) and brings a blend of all disciplines to her classes. She is passionate about fitness, nutrition for wellness, and personal growth and is excited to bring all of these things to the community.  Whether you are jamming to the beats and pushing to your edge in one of her cycling classes, or restoring and energizing your mind, body, and soul in her yoga classes, you are sure to be challenged in a safe and fun environment. Hillary will teach you to accept and love yourself for who you are right where you are.

Hillary Kallenberger instructs the following:
  • 3 Sixty Express Plus Cycle
  • Ride hard for 30 minutes, then spend an extra 15 minutes working off the bike, circuit training with weights, resistance bands and other equipment for a total body workout.

  • 3 Sixty Heated Power Flow Yoga
  • This breath centered practice combines the intensity of power vinyasa with deep restorative stretching.  Grab a spot early for this one!

  • 3 Sixty Endurance Cycle
  • Take our signature cycling class to the next level with a full hour of full body conditioning on and off the bike!  Are you up to the challenge??

  • 3 Sixty Heated Power Flow Yoga
  • This is a full 60-75 minute heated yoga flow class which ends with deep restorative stretching restorative stretching. This is a challenging class, but can be modified for different levels. This class can be taken as part of the fusion class or on its own.

  • 3 Sixty Power Yoga Flow
  • This is a heated yoga class focusing on aspects of strength and alignment, breath, and movement.  This class is approriate for all levels.

  • 3 Sixty Express Cycle
  • This is a shorter version of our signature class which is perfect for the busy bee enthusiast.  Spend 30 minutes pumping those legs on the bike for a fast furious blast sure to challenge that heart rate.  Cyclists have the option to stay for various formats of yoga, boot camp, and core classes to follow for a full fusion workout.

  • 3 Sixty Core Strength and Conditioning
  • In this core conditioning class, you will be challenged by a variety of deep core strengthening exercises in a unique format sure to challenge you and enhance both your athletic performance, yoga practice, and everyday life. A perfect addition to any workout or on its own!  You will spend 30 minutes challenging your core and then follow up with 15 minutes of restorative stretching.  (Heart rate monitors can be used during this class).

  • 3 Sixty Signature Cycle Fusion
  • Join us for this total body session, combining drills, intervals and endurance training on the bike with core conditioning, resistance and weight training on the mat!

  • 3 Sixty Signature Cycle
  • This 45 minute class combines work on the bike as well as off for a complete and total body workout.

  • 3 Sixty Barre Fusion
  • Our barre classes combine elements of yoga, pilates and ballet creating strong, lean, sculpted muscles, without the risk of impact and injury. Find your focus at the barre, as you both lengthen and strengthen muscle groups, and arm yourself with confidence and focus to face the rest of your day.

  • 3 Sixty Signature Cycle
  • Our signature class combining 45 minutes of cycling with optional off the bike exercises using weights, bands and body resistance.  Rock out with our amazing instructors on the bike, with the option to downshift into the 45 minute yoga class to follow.  This class is sure to leave you feeling fully energized!  

  • 3 Sixty Endurance Cycle
  • This 60 minute class is sure to be a challenge as students work through various speed drills, huge hills, endurance intervals, and more in the biggest and baddest class of the week!

  • 3 Sixty Gospel Flow Yoga
  • This weekly class brings breath and movement into alignment, with aspects of both vinyasa and strenth/alignment.  Enjoy the tunes of gospel inspired music - a great way to kick of your Sunday mornings!