Cycle 3 Sixty Classes


Fusion Classes

Cycle 3 Sixty creates an opportunity for every cycling class to be combined with elements of yoga, core conditioning, and strength training for a total mind and body experience.  Because cyclists are notoriously known for their tight hips and hamstrings, and hunched shoulders, these areas will be specifically addressed during our yoga classes. Students have the option of doing one or both parts of the fusion sessions (although we recommend the full experience). Every student who participates in the fusion approach will leave feeling the whole body benefits of each session. Each of our non cycling classes are based in yoga principles, alignment, and techniques.  Please note that if you have a class package and are not an unlimited member, you only need to sign up for your bike to make a reservation, as the core, boot camp and yoga classes are included.

3 Sixty Signature Cycle

Our signature cycling class combines work on and off the bike for a total body workout. Rock out with our amazing instructors to upbeat cycle jams on the bike and then have the option to stay and downshift to the yoga mat for vinyasa flow, postures, and/or restoration. This class combination is sure to leave you feeling fully energized!

3 Sixty Express

This is a shorter version of our signature class which is perfect for the busy bee fitness enthusiast. Spend 30 minutes pumping those legs on the bike and have the option to stay for various fusion classes to follow.

3 Sixty Drills
This class challenges riders with various intervals, drills, and games on the bike using our performance software.  Be ready to bring your A-game and lots of energy!

3 Sixty Express Plus

Ride hard for 30 minutes and finish up with 15 minutes off the bike using weights, bands and equipment in varied formats for a total body workout!

3 Sixty Endurance Cycle

Our biggest and baddest cycling class!  Spend a full 60 minutes on and/or off the bike, combining interval and endurance training with various off the bike body work.  For a real challenge follow this class by moving onto your mat for a full 60-90 minutes of high intensity flow yoga combined with deep restorative stretching.  This is a must try combo for those seeking a challenge!

3 Sixty Restorative Yoga

This class slows things down, holding stretches and restorative postures for longer periods of time, leaving you feeling completely renewed.

3 Sixty Heated Power Flow Yoga

Move on the mat for 60-75 minutes.  This breath centered practice combines the intensity of power vinyasa with deep restorative stretching. Come early to grab a spot!

3 Sixty Signature Yoga

Bring focus and awareness to the mat by deepening the connection of body and breath.  This 60 minute heated class will challenge experienced yogis to enhance their practice, and is also a great class for beginners to understand the fundamentals of yoga strength and alignment, pose improvement and building a personal practice.

3 Sixty Core Conditioning

Get strong to the CORE in this class designed to strengthen the body from the inside out.  Concepts of core strength and development will be taught and experienced through various exercises on the mat.  This is an essential addition to any workout!

3 Sixty Barefoot Bootcamp

30-45 minutes of yoga based interval style training, incorporating weights and/or resistance bands, for a full body workout!

3 Sixty Barre Fusion
Combine elements of yoga, barre and ballet in this class designed to both lengthen and strengthen various muscle groups will creating focus and awareness.

3 Sixty Yoga Sculpt

Flow through this yoga class while holding small hand weights for little extra challenge to your yoga practice!


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