What Goes Around Comes Back Around - Our Mission

At Cycle 3 Sixty, our mission is to create a community that inspires connection and spreads goodwill.   Our goal is to connect people and foster an environment in which people can be their best selves, and share that genuine goodness with each other and the world.  Each month Cycle 3 Sixty instructors donate their time to raise awareness and support for various community organizations, chosen by our staff and students.   Please regularly check our schedule for these studio events for your chance to get involved and support some of these wonderful community service organizations.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Community Events

How to Contribute
You may choose to donate directly to our monthly organizations by selecting the "drop in donation" rate on our website when signing up for classes, donate directly to the organization itself, or attend and support studio events each month in both OKC and Norman!


C3S Instructor Picks

Holly McHargue - The Spero Project - July, 2017
Holly is supporting the Spero Project, founded by good friends Brad and Kim Bandy. Their heart for bringing a community together to support each other and under-resourced people is one of the many reasons Holly supports this organization.  They focus on resourcing schools, helping refugees in OKC, fighting human trafficking and more.  They are taking the lead in bringing organizations together to have the hard conversations about how to be better at doing good.
Kyle Taylor - Project 31 - October, 2017
Project 31 helps women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and provides emotional support to their families.  Project 31 is special to Kyle, as they were there for support during his youngest sister, Amy's, breast cancer treatment and surgery this past year.  Both of Kyle's sisters have faced the battle of breast cancer over the past two years, so the support this foundation provides to women and their families is close to his heart.  www.project31.com
Hillary Kallenberger- Oklahoma Women's Coalition - June, 2017
The OK Women's Coalition is a statewide network of individuals and organizations working together to improve the lives of women and girls through education and advocacy.  Their goal is for Oklahoma to be known as a state with great opportunities for women and girls to succeed at work, at home, and in their communities.  Hillary is excited to support and expand awareness for this organization as a female business owner and a promoter of girls and women's rights both locally and globally.
Cara Gibson - Teen Recovery Solutions
Teen Recovery Solutions consists of an accredited recovery based high school, Mission Academy, as well as an alternate peer group.  They work with teens in recovery from addiction as well as their families, and have created a learning/social environment for teens to build a community with other teens struggling with substance abuse.  Cara volunteers by teaching yoga classes at TRS and is excited to support them through C3S. 
Samantha Votaw - City Center - August, 2017
Sam would like to support City Center, which was founded in 2016 with the mission of bringing relief and restoration to lives in OKC.  They partner with other organizations, bringing relief for children and families that live in challenging neighborhoods, including warm showers, tutoring programs, athletic mentorship programs, ESL classes, haircuts, clothing, and more.  Their goal is to inspire and equip people to become leaders in our community.  

Katie Pearce - The CARE Center - April-May, 2018
The CARE Center helps children find courage, summon bravery, and tell their story.  The team consists of law enforcement investigators, child protective service workers, assistant district attorneys, medical and family personnel, and volunteers who come together to meet the needs of children who have been abused, creating a safe and supportive environment and dedicating their life to serving those needing protection and working together to ensure the best possible outcome for these children.  Katie believes in this organization and the phenomenal work they do to aid children.
Courtney Lockwood - Positive Tomorrows - February-March, 2018
Courtney firmly believes that education is one of the best ways to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, and that children are our future.  Positive Tomorrows is Oklahoma's only elementary school for homeless children, giving children stability and a quality education, while their parents get the support they need to create a better life.  Courtney has met many of the children who attend this school, and believes that without this program, they would have been left behind, with little hope for creating a better future for themselves. 
Ashlea Wright - Infant Crisis Services - November-December, 2017
Infant Crisis Center provides formula, baby and toddler food, diapers, blankets, clothing and other basic necessities to babies and toddlers in times of crisis.  This organization is close to our heart at Cycle 3 Sixty, and Ashlea's love and compassion for children and those in need brings her to support this much needed service in our community.
Rachel Kliewer  - Greater Oklahoma Disabled Sports Association
The mission of GODSA is to develop, sponsor, and promote recreational and competitive athletic opportunities for individuals with physical challenges, including basketball, track and field, swimming, road racing, table tennis, weight-lifting and water sports.  Competitions in these sports are available at a local, regional, national and international level.  Rachel has always been passionate about adaptive athletes, and providing them all opportunities to grow, practice and compete. 
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