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Hillary Bragg, owner, has been teaching group fitness and dance classes for over 25 years. She began her career as a dancer in NYC and found a love for teaching even before.  She has a Bachelors of Arts, and a Masters in Human Relations from OU.  She worked as a personal and guidance counselor until her daughter was born, specializing in addictions counseling, eating disorders, depression, and child therapy.  She is a certified group fitness, pilates, and yoga instructor (200 RYT) and brings a blend of all disciplines to her classes. She is passionate about fitness, nutrition for wellness, and personal growth and is excited to bring all of these things to the community.  Whether you are jamming to the beats and putting the pedal to the metal in her cycling classes, or restoring and energizing your mind and body through her yoga classes, you are sure to be challenged in a safe and fun environment. Hillary will teach you to accept and love yourself for who you are right where you are.

The first time Katie stepped on a mat was in 2010. She had strong encouragement from a very good friend, who was also her first yoga teacher. Shortly after, in May of 2013, she completed her 200 hour RYT certification at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman, OK. She enrolled in search of personal growth and development, but instead, learned how to become aware of the growth and development that naturally takes place in life. Katie has been teaching full time since January, 2014. She teaches and studies a variety of styles and methods, but keeps Ashtanga as her personal practice and main area of study.

Katie says, "Yoga demands patience, which has influenced my understanding and approach to life on and off the mat. Every moment has the potential to create a learning experience, and every day offers new challenges. So, each day, I try to fall in love with my breath, watch it, and listen to it, because each breath gives way to the next moment."

Kyle Taylor was introduced to indoor cycling by his wife, Terri, in January 2014.  He was immediately drawn to the challenge and benefits of indoor cycling.  With consistent riding and some lifestyle changes, he saw huge changes in his personal life, and developed a desire to instruct and motivate others.  In 2017, Kyle became a certified Keiser Indoor Cycling Instructor.  As an instructor, he would like to help each student acheive their own personal goals, and find their own personal benefits of a dedicated and consistent indoor cycling practice.  "Don't limit your challenges.  Challenge your limits."  Get on the bike with Kyle and he will surely challenge your limits!
Ashlea Wright began her yoga practice in 2001 under a lovely instructor who was 65 years of age. Ashlea was inspired by the instructor's passion, flexibility and strength. As she continued her practice, Ashlea also found a love for pilates, dance, cycling and running, which each presented her with a new challenge.

Her passion for health and fitness extends beyond the yoga mat with her intrinsic desire to learn more about food and nutrition, and share this knowledge with others who are seeking to improve their overall health. Ashlea spends a great deal of time in the kitchen creating new recipes to try out on her family. You may even find some of her successful recipes on social media.

Ashlea has completed her AFAA Group Fitness Certification, as well as her Physical Mind Institute Pilates Matwork Initiation 101, G.E.A.R Cycling Training, and her Aura Wellness 300 hr. Power Yoga Certification.

You are sure to be challenged on the bike with her fun loving personality, as well as grounded on the mat with a consistent, strong and well rounded approach to the practice. "It is my hope that when a student walks into my class they feel welcome. As they practice they feel challenged, and when they leave they feel balanced."

Knowing that accountability and motivation are the keys to a successful fitness program, group fitness has been part of Holly McHargue's personal lifestyle for the past 20 years.  She turned this passion into a part-time career in 2011, when she started teaching boot camps.  Holly has her group fitness certification through AFAA, and is continuing her fitness education through G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling, Practical Pilates, and Circuit Training.  She enjoys variety in her fitness routine and is an avid runner, cyclist, in addition to doing yoga, pilates, rowing and circuit training.  Holly is sure to challenge you and mix things up both on the bike and off.
Katie Pearce has been teaching group fitness classes for over 15 years.  She received her Bachelors degree from the University of Oklahoma in Musical Arts, and her Masters Degree from UCO in Music with an emphasis in Jazz Studies and Commercial Music Production.  She has a great deal of experience in both fitness instruction and management, and is a certified group exercise instructor, having received a variety of other fitness certifications from Indoor Cycling to Piloxing. Katie loves the group aspect of fitness and will both motivate and encourage you with her contagious enthusiasm!
Monette's journey with yoga began in 2011.  She knew from the moment she took her first class that yoga belonged in her life, and it subsequently became a way of life and a source of healing for several personal issues, including SI joint pain, fatigue and even depression.  Monette began teaching yoga to teenage athletes, and completed her 200 RYT with Spirit House Yoga in 2016.  She has had the privilege of attending workshops with exceptional instructors such as Betsy Downing, Desiree Rumbaugh, Ross Rayburn, and anatomy with Martin Kirk.  Monette is passionate about teaching, and helping students learn to apply what they learn on the mats to every part of their lives.  Monette has extensive training in adjustments and therapies helping students to work through physical limitations and injuries, and will teach students to build strength and focus by listening to their own bodies.
Cara Gibson's journey into yoga began in 2012 when a knee injury forced her to stop long distance running.  Little did she know the practice would end up changing life as she knew it.  Her yoga practice has been a process of uncovering, discovering, and healing by finding  authenticity on both her yoga mat and in the world. She focuses on balancing strength and surrender, and breathing through challenges on and off her mat. Cara is AFAA certified in both group exercise and indoor cycling, and also holds a Barre Biz certification. She is currently working toward her degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Personal Training and is finishing up her 200 RYT with Andrew Eppler at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman.  Whether on the mat, on the bike, or at home with her son, Cara finds her greatest joy in being fully present in every moment.  This is the gift that she hopes to pass on to her students.
Karla began her teaching career in college as a Rhythmic Aerobics instructor and has both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Nursing.  Karla has a great deal of experience in teaching everything from high-impact aerobics and weight training to indoor cycling.  She is certified through multiple organizations, including the American Council for Exercise.  Karla has a passion for cycling both indoors and outside.  She believes that exercise is medicine, and loves that indoor cycling allows participants from a variety of backgrounds and fitness levels to achieve their goals together while enjoying the ride! 
Courtney Lockwood began ballet at the age of 5 and knew that becoming a ballet dancer was what she wanted to do. In February 2013, a foot injury closed the door to ballet, but then opened up a new one to the world of yoga. Courtney was immediately drawn to the practice as it allowed her body, mind, and spirit to completely heal from the foot injury. Through a consistent practice in the studio and at home, Courtney decided to pursue her yoga certification and begin a career. She completed her 200hr RYT in January 2015 with Rocky Heron from YogaMazé (based in Los Angeles). Courtney has had the privilege to study with brilliant teachers such as Anthony "Rocky" Heron, the dynamic couple Dice Iida-Klein and Briohny Smyth, and several phenomenal, local instructors in the Oklahoma City metro.

If you can't find Courtney in the studio, you can be sure to find her at home snuggling with her sweet puppy Lucy, or at the library with her nose in a book.

Rachel Kliewer graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Fitness Management in 2014.  She is certified in Group Fitness and Bootcamp instruction, and is dedicated to helping people improve their overall health and wellness through physical fitness.  After one class, Rachel fell in love with the low-impact, high intensity workout of indoor cycling and was hooked!  Join Rachel as she challenges you both mentally and physically on the bike, for one amazing ride!

Brittany Taylor received her 200RYT from Yogalife  in December, 2014 where she studied under Becca Hewes and has taken continuing education with Doug Keller. She has practiced yoga off and on for over 10 years, and teaches at various places across the OKC Metro. Brittany's general style is hatha yoga with emphasis on alignment, and her goal is to make yoga accessible to all participants and to improve the health and wellness of each student. Brittany's other hobbies include volunteering, running, gardening, and spending time with her husband and dog.
Sam has been an AFAA certified group fitness instructor for more than 20 years, and has taught everything from Pilates to Step Aerobics to Athletic Interval Training classes. Sam's love for cycling came about while rehabbing an ankle reconstruction and she never gave it up. Her formula for the perfect class doesn't stop with just the drills and mechanics, which she makes both challenging and fun, but she loves the group aspect as well! As a licensed minister, Sam finds joy in seeing people find their fit in the fitness world, and making their dreams a reality. Since her Music Performance studies at ORU, music has always been a key component in her life as well as in her classes. She know music can lift the spirit, give you that last wind, and take your ride to that next level.
Kat completed her 200 RYT training in 2013 at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman, OK, after starting her own personal practice over 10 years ago.  Kat has a passion for Ayruveda or "the science of life" through her years of self-study and personal application through the works of Dr. Svoboda and Dr. Lad, as well as training with practitioners of the Ayurvedic Institute and the California School of Ayurveda.   She is currently studying with the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda to assist others in applying this knowledge, to reawaken their own inner healing powers through the application of Ayurveda in their yoga practice and in their daily lives.
Ana Svedberg is a Bolivian yogi who found her passion for teaching yoga 10 years ago, moving to the United States and beginning a new adventure as a yoga instructor.  Ana completed her teacher training in Spring Texas at Cherry Blossom Yoga.  She loves having fun on the mat with her students, and has a deep appreciation and love for nature and animals. 
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