Cycle 3 Sixty FAQs



How is Cycle 3 Sixty different from other gyms and fitness studios?

Cycle 3 Sixty is the first indoor cycling studio in Oklahoma to offer performance tracking software and heart rate monitoring to our clients.  You have the opportunity to track your riding statistics, your personal heart rate statistics, and identify trends to improve your personal performance based on the data you receive either electronically or via  after each ride.  You will receive an email with your daily class statistics and you may log in to your online account on our website to view your overall trends and class performance.  
We have a well rounded approach to fitness and health, and have experts in place to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals, meeting you wherever you are in your journey to better health.  Our fusion classes taught by the best fitness instructors in the area, who are all certified and extensively trained to combine aerobic, strength, and stretching components to each class, focusing on all elements of physical health.  In addition, we have partnered with registered health professionals, including dieticians, medical professionals, and chefs to arm you with the right tools for healthy and sustainable means to reach your personal goals.

Do I have to reserve a spot to enroll in classes?

We prefer that you book your classes on our website, to make things easier when you arrive.  Our cycling classes do require a reservation as our bikes are limited.  Our yoga and other supplemental classes do not require a reservation, however booking online allows our instructors to adequately plan for classes.  Note: if you are attending a fusion class you only need to sign up for the cycling portion of the fusion class, and we will assume you will take advantage of the yoga portion if it fits into your schedule  The only time you need to sign into the yoga portion of a fusion class is if you will not be participating in the cycling portion.

What if I have never done cycling or yoga before?

Don't worry!  We cater to all levels of fitness from the beginner to the advanced student.  Every team member on our staff is ready to assist you in any way possible, from helping you set up your bike to answering any questions you may have. Just come ready to have fun!  If you are new to cycling please arrive 15 minutes early to give the instructor time to properly set up your bike.

Do you have hot yoga?
 We use infrared heat during our yoga sessions to warm the room to approximately 85-95 degrees, depending on the class.  Research has NOT proven that temperatures any higher than this provide any additional benefits and may contribute to dehydration and loss of electrolytes.   The infrared heat allows our students to create and maintain heat internally, while enjoying the benefits of a moderately warm room.

What do I need to bring to class?

Many students prefer to bring their own yoga mat or cycling shoes to clip in to the pedals.  However, we will have mats available for those who don't, and tennis shoes are always fine!  We want you to be comfortable here.  We have water refill stations at both of our locations, and bottled water and towels are available at our OKC studio. 

We offer the opportunity to be fitted for cycling shoes in our studio and we have discounts available for our clients if you wish to purchase shoes.  We recommend the cycle shoes to enhance safe body mechanics and efficacy but you have the option to wear tennis shoes.  If you opt to wear tennis shoes they should have a very firm sole. 

You say you are safe.  What does that mean?

Our cycling equipment is arguably some of the best in the industry.  It offers 4 different adjustments to provide you with just the right fit for a "safer" ride.  It is also equipped with the ability to monitor your sessions so you can maximize your ride by staying in your individual power zone.  We instruct using the concepts of RPMs, Power/watts, gear levels, and heart rate training to keep you in a great fat and calorie burning zone. Our instructors are trained in basic life support and first aid, and we keep life saving equipment on site for emergencies.  We teach proper body mechanics and alignment, and always provide modifications to keep you safe and injury free.  If you do have injuries or special needs, please tell us ahead of time so we can help you with necessary adjustments in your classes.

Do you offer private sessions?

Yes!  Individual private and private small group instruction is available in both yoga and cycling.  The session content can be tailored to your requests and/or personal goals.  Whether you want to understand and learn the mechanics of yoga poses, improve your form on the mat or the bike, meet with a dietician to discuss your nutritional needs, or just get a great workout in a smaller setting, we can accommodate your needs!  We also offer private group sessions for team building activities, social events, birthday parties and more.  Contact us to set up your next event!

What do you offer with your nutritional guidance and education?

We believe that total body health is directly correlated with personal nutrition.  We have a registered dietician on staff to offer education and individualized programs to help you meet and sustain your goals. Our nutritional guidance will give you information on how to shop, how to read product labels at the grocery store, and learn how to eat for health by avoiding trending and fad diets.

Do you recommend that we utilize all of your services?

Of course, but it is not required.  Nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications when done together in the right combination are proven to reduce risks such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease.  Aerobic exercise when performed at least 4 times per week, combined with healthy eating has many benefits.  The restorative benefits of stretching and yoga are proven to prevent injuries, increase core strength, and leave you with an overall heightened sense of mental heath and wellness.

I see that many of your classes have both cycling and yoga in one session.  What if I only want to do one?

We understand schedules are busy and complicated.  If you choose to take just the cycling portion or just the yoga portion of one of our fusion classes, that is fine with us (although we definitely recommend the full experience).  Make sure that you do reserve your bike online if you plan to cycle, and if you are just registering for the yoga portion, make sure you sign up for just the yoga portion.  If you are participating in the entire fusion class, there is no need to sign up for the yoga separately, as you will be automatically added to the class.

What about parking?

Our Oklahoma City studio is conveniently located inside The Shoppes at Northpark (formerly Northpark Mall), where there is always plenty of parking. Our studio is right inside the furthest north entrance on the west side of the building, facing N. May Avenue.

Our Norman studio has a new parking garage on Jenkins and plenty of parking on campus for our clients.

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